The purpose of this page is to describe research going on at Georgia Tech with respect to robotics. This is meant to be informal, and is designed to help new (or current!) students connect with robotics researchers at Georgia Tech who align with their research interests, and to see how they fit into the wider Georgia Tech robotics community.

Labs are listed alphabetically below (more organization coming soon!).

  • DCSL (Panagiotis Tsiotras) - Dynamics and Control Systems Laboratory
  • DREAM (C├ędric Pradalier) - Data-driven Robotics for Environment Assessment and Monitoring
  • EI Lab (Mark O. Riedl) - Entertainment Intelligence Lab
  • GTRLL (Byron Boots) - Georgia Tech Robot Learning Lab
  • HRL (Charlie Kemp) - Healthcare Robotics Lab
  • HumAnS (Ayanna Howard) - Human-Automation Systems
  • RAIL (Sonia Chernova) - Robot Autonomy and Interactive Learning
  • R.I.C.A.L. (Yong K. Cho) - Robotics & Intelligent Construction Automation Lab